Global IP Addresses

Get access to our global IP pool of IP addresses. With just a few clicks, you can choose IP addresses and filter them based on location, subnet, and type. Choose between dedicated or shared IP addresses. All IP addresses are allocated instantly after the payment.


Powerful Hosting

With every IP address, you will get access to our hosting service. Our network router structure and shared hosting servers are hosted on top of the line PhoenixNAP datacenters guarded by professional datacenter staff, available 24/7. Our system administrators are trained professionals with years of experience.


Cloud IP Network

Our cloud IP network is what makes the magic happen. Our proprietary cloud network enables us to route IP addresses across the globe, protect your websites, and accelerate your website’s content.


Cloud Firewall

Every IP address that’s connected to our IP network is protected by our cloud firewall. It blocks malicious traffic from reaching your websites. You will have access to it using our PBN dashboard. You can use our bot detector to block bad bots, create rules based on custom user agent patterns, IP addresses, or IP ranges.


Web Application Firewall

Besides the cloud firewall, your websites are protected by our WAF, as well. Every day we block hundreds of thousands of malicious requests related to hacks, SQL injection, and more. This feature will ensure that your websites are as safe as possible. Our WAF monitors our IP network in real-time to automatically react to potential threats.


Advanced Control Center

All IP addresses and websites are controlled from our custom-built PBN dashboard. From there, you can control everything with few clicks.

Manage domains and subdomains

Install Let’s Encrypt SSL or custom SSL certificates

Create domain and URL redirects without .htaccess

Create and manage email forwarders

Install software with 1 click and download backups


Manage your domain’s DNS records


Highly Customizable Environment

Our dashboard allows you to customize many things, including SOA records, create wildcard subdomains, or wildcard email addresses. If you want, you can even change the IP address server signature. We don’t limit which software you can install. We offer cPanel for managing your websites so you can install any software that uses PHP and MySQL.


Bring Your Own Server

If you have many different workers who manage various networks for different clients, you can use our custom host feature. It allows you to manage your web servers at your datacenter. This will enable you to provide different access levels to various workers, and you will get all the benefits of our IP network.