Bring Your Server


Bring Your Own Server

If you have many different workers who manage various networks for different clients, you can use our custom host feature. It allows you to manage your web servers at your datacenter. This will enable you to provide different access levels to various workers, and you will get all the benefits of our IP network.

How It Works?

When your network is set to use a custom host, all of your website traffic is passed through our global IP network to your web server. When traffic goes through our system, it will be cleaned and filtered. All bad visitors are blocked, or rate-limited, and clean traffic is sent to your servers.

Your websites will be protected precisely like they would be when they are hosted on our servers.


Why Should I Use My Own Servers?

Below you can find few use-cases for such setup.
  • Provide granular access to your workers to specific websites.
  • Use a load balancer or custom caching for your websites.
  • To protect your website files and databases.
  • You have a unique setup for your websites, like catch-all subdomains.
You can use this setup for whatever you need. If you already have a network using our servers and want to switch to self-hosted, contact our support and we will help you set it up.