Priority Prospect's Affiliate Program

Discover the advantages of Priority Prospect's affiliate program, where you can earn a generous 10% recurring income for each valid customer you refer, as long as they have active subscriptions. Your earnings will continue to grow with every order they place, offering you the potential for substantial and ongoing income. We take pride in our exceptional service, which translates to longer customer retention and more income for you.

Join the top-performing affiliate program in the industry today! Priority Prospect boasts the highest Customer Lifetime Value (LTV) and the longest customer lifespan, which means our customers are consistently satisfied. Provide your website visitors with the best and secure a reliable stream of recurring income.


Avg Livetime Value

21 months

Avg Lifespan

How it works?

Starting is easy! Just send in your application through our simple customer panel. We make sure to review all applications within 2-3 working days. Once you're approved, you'll get access to tools for creating custom links for your website right away.

Real-time tracking

Our user-friendly affiliate panel allows you to effortlessly track clicks and conversions in real time. You can also monitor your account's performance through detailed reports. You have the flexibility to create up to 10 unique tracking links for various projects.

Program details

  • Cookie duration: 30 days
  • Recurring payout: 10%
  • Minimum payout: $100 USD
  • Payout cycle: Monthly
  • Payment methods: Wire/ACH, PayPal