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Feel safe with firewall protected IP addresses

Every IP address within our IP network is safeguarded by our comprehensive cloud firewall, which extends across the entire network. This firewall operates seamlessly by continuously monitoring and proactively blocking any malicious traffic attempting to access your websites. By channeling all incoming traffic through our firewall before reaching your website, we ensure that undesirable traffic is intercepted and prevented from accessing your website without affecting your website's performance.
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Web application firewall

Extend the protection of your websites through the WAF

In addition to the cloud firewall, we provide an extra layer of protection for your websites through our Web Application Firewall (WAF). Our WAF actively prevents numerous malicious requests, including hacks, SQL injections, and other common security threats, on a daily basis. Our WAF operates in real-time, continuously monitoring our IP network and promptly responding to any potential threats that may arise. Rest assured that your websites will be safeguarded with proactive security measures in place.
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Be in control of your website traffic through custom WAF rules

Utilize our user-friendly WAF to create personalized rules for enhanced protection. With ease, you can establish simple rules to block or redirect visitors and implement rate limiting measures to safeguard your website or application from potential abuse. Customize your rules by utilizing various conditions such as IP address, user agent, CIDR, ASN, URL path, and more. Effortlessly apply these rules to individual domains or across all your configured domains.
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