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  • Priority Prospect is THE BEST hosting…

    5 stars

    “ Priority Prospect is THE BEST hosting service for large networks of sites, bar none. We've been hosting tens of thousands of domains with them since early 2014. ”

  • Been using Priority Prospect for…

    5 stars

    “Been using Priority Prospect for several years now, hosting few hundred domains. I have tried every popular service for mass hosting and nothing comes close to it. Easy to use, safe and fairly priced.”

  • Excellent product, even better service

    5 stars

    “ I've been a happy customer of Priority Prospect since 2019. The PP service has lived up to my high expectations for stability, uptime, performance, and security. I’m pleased I made the move to this platform, as now there is a lot less work for me in terms of maintenance. Easy to use dashboard, great variety of IPs. Their customer service is the model of what customer support should look like. Fast responses to every question, each advice has been spot on. I can't recommend them highly enough. ”

  • I have been hosting websites with…

    5 stars

    “ I have been hosting websites with Priority for years now, and never had an issue. Their interface is self-explanatory, easy to use, and their support is knowledgeable, and up to date. They have regular specials, but their price is so low for what you need, you can order anytime and be happy. I never had any downtime with them, and their choice of IP's is great. Long may they continue, and I will be happy to keep my business with them if they do. ”

  • Great selection of dedicated IP addresses

    5 stars

    “ Been using their service for years. We are very happy with the mutual partnership as Priority Prospect proved to be the best hosting solution for hundreds of our websites. They have great selection of dedicated IP addresses accessed via dashboard with very convenient automations for IP and domain management. We saved a lot of money and time while working with them. Definitely a 5-star from us. ”

  • Saves me a lot of time!

    5 stars

    “ Great features and helpful updates! Exceptional service and knowledgeable support team. They have specials promotions too. Pay for what you need. Great choices of IPs locations. Saves me a lot of time in terms of maintenance. ”

  • Excellent host with tons of locations

    5 stars

    “ Have been hosting with Priority Prospect for a few years now. I was replaced IP addresses few times, once when their DC apparently had issues & another when couple of my IPs stopped working but both times I was intimated immediately. Sincerely, I believe in you get what you pay for, I have PBN plans with few other hosts too, as I manage for my clients as well but of all PP has been the best experience with the no.of locations they have & support. ”

  • Awesome service, support & ips

    5 stars

    “ I have been using Priority Prospect services for nearly an year now, my my.. they have been a pleasant surprise compared to my previous PBN host. Other than a minor hiccup - where they had to replace my ip (free of charge), have had a smooth ride so far. Staff are quite knowledgeable, friendly & down right to the point, they are pretty fast in responding as well. I'm very happy with them so far. ”

  • Excellent product and team behind it

    5 stars

    “ Excellent product and team behind it. Definitely recommend it! ”

  • Great dashboard and best support

    5 stars

    “ Provides great service and great support team. Been with them for several years and will stay for more. ”

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