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How Your IP Addresses Work?

We host our edge IP nodes in a large amount of different datacenters across the world. The IP node is an entry point to our global IP network. Those IP addresses have different owners and are hosted in real locations.

We don’t do any fancy IP WHOIS tricks to lie about our IP locations – our IP addresses are actually in those locations where we advertise them to be. There won’t be any inconsistencies in ping or traceroute.

How I Get Access To These IPs?

It’s very easy. All you need to do is set up a network and place an order for IP addresses. All IP addresses are instantly allocated after the payment. There’s no limit on how many IP addresses you can have or from which countries.

Our network system allows you to host as many IP addresses in one network, and you manage all of them from one cPanel account that we provide or from your web server.

What Your IP Network Does?

Our global IP network can do many things for you. Its primary function is to route traffic from edge nodes to its destination. While it’s doing it, it also protects your website from malicious requests.

If you have set up HTTP to HTTPS redirect or URL redirects, then they will be processed there as well. This means redirects happen even before the traffic reaches your website.

If your website is cached by our system, instead of sending traffic to your website, our IP network serves your cached site reducing your page load from ~1 second to 100-200ms. This will make your website load extremely fast.

Do I Have To Pay Extra For All Features?

No, all features are included in the IP address cost. Features that are included:

  • Global URL redirects
  • Domain redirects
  • Domain caching
  • Firewall & WAF
  • DDOS protection
  • And much more…

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