Simple To Use

Our custom built PBN hosting dashboard is built easy usage in mind. Everything is very simple. There’s no need to make simple things complicated.

Dedicated IPs

All IPs that you order are dedicated to only you! If you want to share your IPs then you can only share them within your own network and your own domains.

No Footprints

Our PBN hosting network has no footprints or anything that could connect our clients. We designed it from ground up to bypass all footprint detectors.

Superior Speeds

All our cPanel hosting servers are built on enterprise grade hardware, 100% enterprise SSD powered and 1Gbps minimum connections.

Lightning Fast Network

Our network is extremely fast. Our whole network’s capacity is over 400 Gbps with most links being 10 Gbps and minimum 1 Gbps.

Accelerated Internal Network

Thanks to our innovative acceleration network that lays below the public network, all websites will load incredibly fast no matter where their IPs are located.

SSL Certificates

We are the only cloud PBN hosting provider who can provide SSL support with dedicated IPs. Use Let’s Encrypt’s free SSL or import your own custom certificate.

Instant Setup

We offer instant setup for IPs and new networks. It takes just few clicks to create a new network or order IP addresses. All IPs are instantly activated after payment.

Global IP Access

Get access to over 40+ locations with a quick click of a button. We constantly add more locations to give our clients more access to as many different C class IP blocks as possible.

One Click Installation

You can install hundreds of scripts to your domains with literally 4 clicks. Installations are incredible fast so you are able to set your website up under a minute!

Hundreds Of IP Blocks

We have access to thousands of different IP blocks from over 60+ different datacenters from all over the world. That means your network can be as small or big as you wish.

Unmetered Resources

We offer unmetered resources to our clients based on our AUP. This includes unmetered bandwidth and space usage, databases and more.

Intelligent Dashboard

Our intelligent dashboard will help you with every task you need to perform. It’s simple, yet powerful for every use case.

Customizable Environment

Every IP address can have it’s own server name. This means there’s no need to worry about server signature footprints. Need to change your SOA record? No problem, you can do that and much more!

High Levels Of Security

Our dashboard is protected by bank level encrypted connection. Our EV certificate will show you that you are exactly where you need to be. Our enterprise grade firewall blocks hundreds of thousands attacks every week.

Automatic Network Backups

Every other day, we create a full backup of your network so you don’t need to worry about losing your files anymore. We store them up to 30 days in our off-site, secured environment.

Pricing Info

Simple, pay as you go model for every budget!

I want to host domains on different IPs.


$3.10 per IP and $0.40 per additional site
Monthly cost: $31.00
Total website count: 10
Available website slots: 10
IP count: 10
Additional sites per IP: 0

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