Announcing Domain and URL redirects!

Feb 25, 2020 | Updates

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Announcing Domain and URL redirects!


We are back with 2 great, long overdue, updates!

URL Redirects

Now you are able to create URL redirect rules straight from the PBN dashboard. All you need to do is click on “IP Network > URL Redirects” and create a new redirect rule.

If you want, you can use a wildcard for your URLs. For example you have 3 URLs:


Instead of typing all of them out, you can just use the following pattern and all URLs from the “Updates” category will match it:


There is no limit how many URLs you can redirect at once.

You can also choose which status code your URLs use. You can choose between following statuses:

  • 301 Moved Permanently
  • 302 Found
  • 303 See Other
  • 307 Temporary Redirect
  • 308 Permanent Redirect

Domain Redirects

I’m sure many of you are really tired of setting up HTTP > HTTPS redirect via cPanel or .htaccess all the time. Now it’s time to change it!

You can easily enable HTTP to HTTPS redirect straight from the PBN dashboard with 1 click. Just click on “Actions > Domain Redirects” and there you can choose what and where you want to redirect.

Both, domain and URL redirects will take about 5 minutes to get updated in our system and then they will work seamlessly with your website.


We really hope those updates will help you and will save you some time. If you have any issues, or wish to suggest new features, feel free to contact our support team and they will help you out.

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