Feature Spotlight: Unlimited Grouping Of Domains And IP Addresses

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In the digital world, it's difficult for marketers to keep track of their web content. In order to be successful, you need a reliable way to manage and organize your marketing assets. Our domain and IP address grouping feature is a real time-saver and our customer’s favorite, especially if you’re managing multiple customers and multitask between their projects.

You can create IP address groups that group your IP addresses exactly how you need them. With just a few clicks you can move multiple IP addresses from one IP address group to another. Also, you can easily share IP address groups between different domain groups and limit IP address group access to specific domain groups so you don’t accidentally mix IP addresses that are used by your other customers.

We raised the game up on an even higher level by giving you the ability to create as many IP addresses and domain groups as your heart desires. In other words, you can organize your assets however you wish and manage them in a more efficient way!

With our flexible dashboard, you can easily manage any number of domains and IP addresses. You'll also have access to other amazing features that automate your tasks so you can focus on growing your business instead!

Let us know your thoughts - your feedback is highly appreciated!

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