Estonia’s Independence Day Celebration - Our First Sale of the Year

February 23, 2022

Hey hey!

Tomorrow is February 24th and our beautiful country Estonia celebrates its independence day! It is a time to rejoice and be thankful for our freedom.

The Independence day is also a day of celebration for all those who have contributed to the growth and development of Estonia, whether they were born in Estonia or not. Also, for those making our company expand and thrive, the core of our business is our customers.

To celebrate this milestone event in our history, we're hosting the first sale of the year, and it starts today!

Use the INDEPENDENCEDAY2022 coupon code and get a 10% discount on all new orders!

Don't forget that our IP address pool is available to you 24/7. Thanks to our innovative dashboard, you can access thousands of IP addresses, dedicated or shared, with just a few clicks. You can choose any location you want, on the city level. We have more than 50 unique locations worldwide and over 90+ unique data centers.

The sales offer expires on February 26th at midnight.

Have any questions? Feel free to reach out.

Best regards,

Priority Prospect team

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