Feature Spotlight: Domain Management


We know that network management is a time-consuming task. That’s why we developed powerful automation for your domains - we want you to accomplish more in less time! With our new updates and easier domain management, you’ll be more productive than ever

Thanks to the new dashboard design, you are able to choose how you host your domains. Now, you can share hosting accounts between domains however you wish or even host every domain in its own server/hosting account. Possibilities are limitless, we made sure of that.

Also, kindly say goodbye to adding domains one by one!  Our amazing domain wizard now lets you add multiple domains to your domain group in just a few clicks. You can simply add tens or even hundreds of domains at once! What's especially nice is that you can assign different hosting accounts to your domains, install SSL certificates while domains are added to your group, and install software on the fly!

Do you want to change the IP address of your domain? Or edit its DNS zone with a brand new DNS editor? You can do all of that and much more in a super-easy way! Most actions take 1-2 clicks and they are all executed in the background so you don’t have to worry about staying on the page to make sure all changes are saved correctly.

You can manage and grow your entire network from a single dashboard, no matter how big it gets. Your valuable time will be left free from manual tasks so more energy goes into looking ahead at what's coming next!

Let us know your thoughts - your feedback is highly appreciated!

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Priority Prospect team

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