Feature Spotlight: Predictable Billing System

September 17, 2021

Hey hey!

We know that every now and then your mind twirls around the idea of improving the efficiency of your daily tasks. Imagine not having to worry about the tedious tasks of billing, for example. Well, that's what we're here for! We have a system in place that makes all your billing activities feel like you just ate cake without gaining weight (which is great).

Since your time is valuable, we're going to get right into what our billing system has to offer: instead of getting multiple invoices per month, you will get just one invoice covering all of your active orders! You no longer have to worry about when you get a new invoice, how to keep track of them because the billing system is very predictable! Cool, right? You can even add tags to each order to keep them more organized!

Get ready to live life in the fast lane with our billing system! No longer will you need to worry about being limited just to USD or EUR because we support multiple currencies.

Having our customer’s needs in mind, we continue to innovate and improve our dashboard features so they can save your time and make your work more efficient.

Let us know your thoughts - your feedback is highly appreciated.

Best regards,

Priority Prospect Team

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