Feature Spotlight: Web Application Firewall - Enhanced Security With Flexible Cloud WAF

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Have you recently rented several hundreds of IP addresses, hosted your websites, and now feeling insecure about protecting them from hackers and spammers?

If so, you should know that every IP address that’s connected to our IP network is automatically protected by our cloud firewall! This feature analyses network traffic and decides if it lets the traffic through or not. It can detect when the network is being attacked and will block offenders or slow traffic down.

Back in June, when our new dashboard was launched, we made sure that all of you got full access to our cloud firewall feature, so you can easily:

  • Create different firewall rules, rulesets, and policies
  • Apply different rules (rulesets) to individual domains or all of your domains in all of your domain groups
  • Create different rule policies and execute them in assigned priority order
  • Create black or whitelists for IP addresses or IP ranges
  • Easily create rules to only allow selected IP addresses or IP ranges to access your specific pages
  • Use our fantastic bot detector to identify bots (including Googlebot, Ahrefs & Semrush bots, and more)

In simpler words, your websites are automatically protected, 24/7, by our web application firewall (WAF). It monitors network traffic in real-time to automatically react and protect you, day and night. It blocks over 3 million hacking attempts every day, and growing, ensuring that your website always stays safe.

And the best thing is that our WAF can even validate if the bot visiting your web page is who it claims to be! So, yeah, bot, I know what you did last summer.

In an effort to provide clients with the best possible PBN hosting experience, we are working tirelessly and striving toward excellence in every way. Our ultimate goal is to help your company thrive and grow with our amazing product features you can rely on!

Let us know your thoughts, your feedback is highly appreciated!

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