PBN Hosting’s October Updates

Feb 25, 2020 | Updates

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PBN Hosting’s October Updates

Hello everyone!

It’s time to let you know what we have been working on for our hosting service.

New caching layer

This update is huge! We have implemented a new caching layer to our network that will reduce load times ~35%+. No, seriously.. We have done hundreds of tests on hundreds of domains and IPs and they all reported 30% or better performance. This caching layer has DDOS protection, and other abuse protection mechanisms, built in to protect our cPanel servers from being overloaded. Here are some before and after tests to show how big the change actually is:

Example 1:

Example 2:

All the websites tested were using the WordPress platform. All websites tested had IPs on the east coast US. That’s absolutely incredible, and as all of you know, the faster your site, the happier Google is.

Caching layer is enabled for all domains automatically. If you are building your website, doing edits to CSS/Javascript files, or edit images, you may want to disable caching for your website to see changes. To disable caching layer for your domain, click on “Actions” and then “Disable caching” or to enable caching, click on “Enable caching”.

We are still testing this feature so it’s possible that we disable it from time to time until it’s released. If you have any kind of issues with caching, don’t hesitate to contact our support ASAP.

More bandwidth

We added a bunch of new hardware to some of the biggest datacenters to give more bandwidth to our IPs. New servers will help to make routing traffic in our network a lot faster, plus additional processing power will help us filter bots, spammers, abusers, etc, much better. Also adding new hardware to the network will help us resist bigger attacks, because all IPs have more processing power to resist, and analyze the attack.

More randomization

By default, our dashboard used industry-standard naming schemes for nameservers and MX records. Now they are automatically randomized so you don’t need to spend time updating them.

Security updates

Like every month, there are a bunch of updates for security as well. Our dashboard has become more, secure and we put more emphasis on accounts and protecting them.

We also added many security updates to our network’s routing layer. Most of them were related to abuse and spam. For example, we now protect your wp-login.php file on the network level, to make sure your network won’t get overloaded by bots who try to brute-force your WordPress installation.

There were total of 13 new features or updates focusing on security, privacy, and protection.

Other updates

There were also many updates on the visual part of the dashboard, code optimization, and backend of our dashboard. At the moment we are preparing to launch one of the biggest updates on the dashboard since the v2 (current version) release, but we will talk about it some other time.

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