PBN Hosting’s September Updates

It’s time to release a new update for our PBN hosting service. There aren’t many visual changes, but there are over 72 new updates for our service’s backend. Without a long intro, let’s get started.

SSL support

This is the most important update since our previous update when we released an enterprise-grade firewall and applied it to every network without an extra cost. Adding SSL support has been in our plans for a very long time and finally, we achieved it. Some of you might think “But isn’t SSL support a self-explanatory thing to have for a web hosting service?”. Unfortunately, it’s easier said than done. Without going into details too much, we can say that we have implemented it successfully! Before, the whole traffic inside our network was encrypted using 2048 bit encryption. Now whole traffic, from your website’s visitor to the cPanel server is 100% encrypted.

We support 2 types of SSL certificates. One is a free one, Let’s Encrypt, which is a free certificate authority that allows people to use SSL certificates for free. Most browsers support it these days, which makes it awesome because now everyone can add SSL support to their website, and it’s 100% free. The second type is more traditional SSL certificate that you purchase from your registrar or another service that provides SSL certificates. This means you can even host EV certificates with us.

To enable support for SSL to your domain, go to the PBN dashboard, open your network and pick the domain that you wish to use. Click on “Actions” and then “Security Center”. There you can start a simple wizard that will guide you through the process.

We can be proud and say that we are the only PBN hosting service in our class that offers SSL support for their client’s domains!

Updates to the software installation module

Now you are able to log into your WordPress, Drupal, etc, installation with a click of a button from the PBN dashboard. That’s awesome because now you don’t need to keep tens or even hundreds of login credentials, in plain text, in an Excel sheet. All usernames, passwords, and other sensitive information are encrypted and backed up in our off-site data store. If you happen to forget your login information, you can always recover them by viewing your installation’s information. There you can see who installed what and when.

Another great feature that we added is having the ability to set which protocol you wish to use for your installation. Since we added SSL support, this means you can choose https:// and https://www.

Small, but still worth a notice update is that now your administrator username is automatically generated for your convenience. It will help to keep your website secure from brute force attacks.

Updates to dashboard’s security

Some of you may have already noticed that if you are logging into your website or cPanel, you will be greeted a new redirection page. It’s there-there to do a lot more than tell you that you are being redirected. There are a bunch of security checks during that time to ensure that you have the right to visit the page.
Unfortunately, we are unable to list all security updates, that we did, but out of 72 updates, 64 were security updates. Some checks/modules were rewritten from scratch, some were improved, some received few changes.

New affiliate panel

This module was one of the most requested features past 2 months. People couldn’t wait to promote our service which is incredible. You can find the affiliate panel in PBN dashboard under “Affiliate” menu.

By default, everyone starts with 35% commission fee. That means our affiliates can earn from $1.08, which is a minimum amount, up to $117.25 per sale!

Affiliates can also generate affiliate links for themselves which point to specific pages of our website, that includes our sales page and PBN dashboard’s registration page. All visits and conversions are tracked real time.

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