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March 10, 2022

Cloud firewalls are a form of internet security that is designed to protect websites from cyber attacks.

The cloud firewall works like the firewall in your datacenter or home computer. It analyzes network traffic and decides if it lets the traffic through or not. It can detect when the network is being attacked and will block offenders or slows traffic down.

Our global IP network is connected to the firewall that protects your websites from threats in real-time and blocks all malicious traffic before it even reaches your website. This will help to maintain a stable load and ensure your websites will load lightning fast.

Your website will be automatically protected 24/7 from the moment it connects to our IP network.

You will have full access to this feature from anywhere using our innovative dashboard. And, you will be able to apply different rules to individual or all of your domains in all of your domain groups.

Our WAF monitors our IP network in real-time to automatically react to security threats such as brute force attacks, SQL injection, and more. Thanks to this amazing feature your websites are as safe as possible.

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