Announcing 3 New Features!


We would like to introduce you 3 new amazing features:

Website caching – Supercharge your websites with our amazing website caching feature. With one click you can make your website load ~10x faster. Your website will act and work exactly like without caching, but it loads super fast. Click here to read more about website caching.

Multifunctional firewall – Forget blocking bots with .htaccess. Now you can set up bot blocking rules for all of your websites under a minute. You will be able to create blacklist or whitelist rules to match custom user-agent patterns, IP addresses, IP ranges and bots that our bot detector can identify by name. Click here to read more about our multifunctional firewall.

Catch-all email forwarders – Now you will be able to create catch-all email forwarders for all of your domains. No need to set up many different emails manually, just create a catch-all forwarder. This feature will allow you to discover social accounts like Tumblr, Twitter, and others and you would be able to recover them because you own the email address! Click here to read more about catch-all email forwarders.

If you have questions, want to provide feedback or just want to suggest more new features, contact us via our live chat!

Best regards,
Priority Prospect team

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