How Was Your Month? Ours Was Great!

Hey hey!

We're in for a beautiful time of year with all the colors changing and turning golden. It's a fantastic opportunity to organize and plan your stuff for these last couple of months before taking a break and starting again next year.

But, before dwelling further into upcoming projects, we wanted to look back into September and October quickly - yes, those were very productive months for us!

We're proud that our team has put out some significant updates that will help you in your daily workflow. We announced the availability of shared IP addresses from 287 new subnets in the USA (5 new) and European (14 new) locations.

And our newest dashboard feature: Software presets, also got a well-deserved spotlight! This feature helps you optimize your WordPress website setup process by quickly installing all the essential plugins and themes you need for a successful website.

We honored Smile Day by enjoying a moment of happiness with our loved ones and hoping you were smiling and celebrating.

We've spent a lot of time and effort to ensure that we deliver the best possible service for you. And we are thrilled to have received such positive feedback from you! It means everything when people tell us how much they enjoy their experience with our company, so keep sending those positive vibes!

Priority Prospect Team

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